Die Duale Hochschule: das Praxisstudium der Zukunft.

Master Program

Alumni of our program is offered a special opportunity at the University of Applied Sciences in Kempten for the Special Track in International Project Management in their MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION - INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MANAGEMENT AND LEADERSHIP program.

The Special Track in INTERNATIONAL PROJECT MANAGEMENT is designed to enable  executive personnel to use the methods and tools to fulfil the requirements they need to compete in the project orientated business environment.

A special feature of this track is its symbiosis of management and Project Management
in an international and intercultural context. The increasing dependency of the success of a company on projects make project management competence to the key
success factor in the future.

The modern project manager as an entrepreneur requires capabilities in the area of Project Management methodology, information technology as well as leadership competencies. These topics are extensively covered during the project management modules in the program and will be directly applied in real projects in the 4th term.

The course is certified by the GPM (German Association for Project Management e.V.) with a Certificate of Excellence which confirms that the content of the course is in accordance with the rules and guidelines of PM-ZERT and the IPM Competence Baseline (ICB 2.0b) of the International Project Management Association (IPMA).

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